Young Man EP

by Sun Brother

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This album was written and recorded entirely from Monday the 3rd of October, 2011 to Monday the 10th of October, 2011.


released October 10, 2011

Big thanks to Chris Adams for helping mix, Aubrey Ramsdell for the beautiful artwork, Darien Williams for postponing his trip back to school to write and record the drum parts in two hours flat, Sarah Long for lending me her tambourine for so long, Connor Boyle for introducing me to this project/lending me his cymbals/making sure I got home from DePaul in time enough to mix, my music friends for forming a community and participating in their own projects this week, and my other friends for supporting mine.

No thanks to my Calculus midterm which distracted me from writing more, and Garageband, whose corrupted files forced me to use it instead of Logic.



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Christian Lyon Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Waves (Calculation)
There's never been a cause worth fighting for;
There's only been effects, punishments and rewards.

I've never known a way to know other people right
Except to compare their face, contrast on sight.
They tell me that it isn't right,
So what's the sense of having eyes?

They never taught me how to scale; calculate real cold.
To test the weight of words I tell and that I'm told.
So later on was sink or swim,
I found the water closing in.
Track Name: Young Man
When I was a young man, I had longish hair,
Weaving through perfume and very aware.
Bits of their scents would engage and unite
So I never fought harder than just saying "Hi".
If I wanted to know them, they were already mine.

My best friend is thoughtful, my best friend is kind.
My best friend, she loved me when I had the time.
She loved me so much that she helped me to die;
Clawed at my face until I bled out my eyes.

I stumbled across you, the friend of a friend.
I nervously mentioned you in conversations.
I know that I'm told to save judgment,
I know that you and I have never met,
And I know even further that we never will.
In place of time that you and I could have spent,
You'll stay inside your home, paint your nails or toes,
Or you might do them both.
Track Name: Basic Beasts
These dreamcatchers aren't working the same way.
You are busy and I'm in need

I asked that I might meet the beasts that you befriended,
Taloned creatures I injected for protection.
But they flew away, forgot their names, their posts
For other homes. You've always said "So it goes"

My eyes are open when they should have closed, that I know. And I've been slow dancing with people I've never met, But I have read this book too many times to not know the plot line.

Cut me open, sew me up,
Show me blood I got on your gloves.
Just to discover that I didn't care
To let you know there's nothing there.

You know that I know just what to say
You are in need and I'm busy.