RE: Blood

by Sun Brother

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released July 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Christian Lyon Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: RE: Blood
You are not the blood in my veins.
You evaporate, but I’ll take what I can take.
He, reluctant sun, you create.
He takes and takes and takes. And you reciprocate.

Tremble, tremor limbs, remember
Tender, trimmer limbs you lent her.
Though you might make these fingers move,
These fingers know you’re passing through.
You precipitate, soon to dissipate.

I know you’re shedding your summer leaves,
Heading to Muscatine,
Vermont, or in between;
Bound in your autumn sleeves.

You dance among feathers, underfoot
Tethered by rocks and roots.
Bones jutting through your mud
Make it harder to adjust.

There are some that know your touch all the same;
Envelope in your summer shade,
Insist their homes with every rain,
Abandon with a little age.

Your rings are the lettering, time’s curse,
Festering in rotted thirst.
Your bowing branches clutch the earth,
Accept their wilting on the dirt.

You, lightning, turned thunder now subsequent
Under the building stress.
Revert to when we met;
I knew you better then.

Called you sugar, called you honey, called you darling.
But my words weren’t sweet enough to keep you and I from parting.
Honey burned and heaven sent,
With nothing close to sustenance.
Tap the sap and drain, refine and be remade.

Called you kinda lover, kinda mother, kinda daughter,
But the blurring of your names left me blank and kinda bothered.
Your heat has started pressing in,
Oppressive in its precedence.
You rejuvenate and never found your place.